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Here come the ladies!

Here they come! It is great to see these ladies struggling up onto the beach and often across the beach and into the vegetation to nest. Once she finds a spot she likes, she will start to dig a hole scooping first with one of her back legs and then the other. Back and forth she will go until she is satisfied with the depth after which she will settle in and start laying her eggs.

Come and stay with us for at least three nights and we will do our best to show you one of these wonderful animals. We also do one night tours starting at the Natural History Museum down the beach but these are less of a sure thing.

During nesting season we often get a turtle in every night but not always. We rent out the Turtle House for this purpose because of its location just above the best local nesting beach so there is an increased likelihood of seeing a turtle. Check it out at . If you want to make reservations for a house stay or a one night search call Camar at 876 304 7778.

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